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Please follow ALL laws and regulations.  It is possible for you to lose your trapping privileges by not obeying the laws as well as damage ALL trappers reputation if something  happens due to you breaking the law.  So please, out of respect for our sport and fellow trappers, know and understand each regulation and follow them.  These regulations our made for us and the animals safety.

If anyone has any questions on laws or regulations please ask a TWRA officer, call the Main office in your Region or contact the TFHA President and he will help you in any way possible.

Thank you.

It is now considered a Right by the Constitution of the State of TN to hunt, fish and trap in TN, please do not abuse this RIGHT.


Tennessee Legislature no longer controls the trapping laws/regulations.  Rules and regulations is now in control by TWRA. 

We have made great strides in our rights to trap in Tennessee with the leaders of this being TFHA member Clarence Dies, John Daniel, TWRA officers and TN Congressmen.

Please see all new regulations below.

A very big thank you to all those involved in getting these changes accomplished!

Tn Trapping Laws and Regulations

      Legal Trapping Devices and Definitions

1. Steel leg-hold traps must have an outside
  measure of jaw spread that is 9 inches or less,
    as measured at the widest point. Steel square
    instant-kill traps must have an exterior jaw
    measurement 16 inches or less, as measured
    at the widest point, and steel circular instant-
    kill traps must have an exterior measurement
  12 inches or less, as measured at the widest

2. Live traps are legal for taking any species of
    wildlife listed as having a trapping season.
      Live traps are defined as those traps that act
    as a cage after capture.

3. Steel cable snares having a minimum cable
     diameter of 5/64 inch and a maximum cable
  diameter of 3/32 inch are legal for all legal
     furbearer species during the legal trapping
  season. All snares shall have affixed a tag
 bearing the name of the owner. Spring
activated snares other than Collarum snares
are prohibited.

4. Commercially available dog-proof traps, also
known as species-specific traps, are legal for

5. Cushion-hold traps, laminated jaw traps,
off-set wide jaw traps, off-set laminated jaw
traps and wide jaw traps with an outside
measure of jaw spread that is 9 inches or
less, as measured at the widest point and a
minimum jaw thickness of ¼ inch, may be
used for all sets. Double-jaw traps with an
outside spread of 9 inches or less of the upper
and lower jaw combined and a minimum jaw
thickness of ¼ inch may be used for all sets.

6.   For trapping purposes "water set" is defined
       to mean traps set in water adjacent to and
      part of streams, ponds, lakes, wetlands or
      other water courses and includes floating

7.  Trappers shall mark all of their traps with
        their name or TWRA ID number.

8.  Steel traps placed inside a hole, cave or den
    or in a hollow log, hollow stump or any like
    place shall be placed twelve (12) or more
     inches inside the entrance of such place,
     and it is unlawful to place steel traps in the
     open, except for water sets and traps listed in
    number five (5) above.

9. Lethal sets such as instant kill traps and
   water set ("drowning") traps must be
   inspected every seventy-two (72) hours.
    All other traps must be inspected every
    thirty-six (36) hours and any wildlife caught
    in the traps shall be removed.

For trapping seasons, see page 16.



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