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Please follow ALL laws and regulations.  It is possible for you to lose your trapping privileges by not obeying the laws as well as damage ALL trappers reputation if something  happens due to you breaking the law.  So please, out of respect for our sport and fellow trappers, know and understand each regulation and follow them.  These regulations our made for us and the animals safety.

If anyone has any questions on laws or regulations please ask a TWRA officer, call the Main office in your Region or contact the TFHA President and he will help you in any way possible.

Thank you.

It is now considered a Right by the Constitution of the State of TN to hunt, fish and trap in TN, please do not abuse this RIGHT.

Tn Trapping Laws and Regulations

2011-2012 Trapping Seasons

All trapping devices must be clearly marked with the owner's name. All traps must be inspected every 36 hours or less and animals removed. When trapping on another's property, the trapper must carry on his or her person written permission from the landowner, and make a written report to the owner of any domestic animal caught and pay damages for those animals.

SpeciesOpensClosesBag Limit
BeaverYear Round No Limit
CoyoteYear Round No Limit
GroundhogYear Round No Limit
NutriaYear Round No Limit
Bobcat*Nov. 20Feb. 281 per day (hunting only)
Fox**Nov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
MinkNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
MuskratNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
OpossumNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
Otter***Nov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
RaccoonNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
Spotted SkunkNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
Striped SkunkNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
WeaselNov. 20Feb. 28No Limit
*Bobcat pelts must be tagged with Tennessee U.S. CITES tags in order to be exported from the U. S. Contact your TWRA regional office for instructions.
**Exceptions to the statewide fox season are:
  • Benton - unlawful to take or kill red foxes
  • Dyer, Lauderdale, Smith, and Wilson - open year round to hunting and trapping red and gray foxes
  • Greene and Washington - unlawful to take or kill red and gray foxes
***All river otters harvested must be tagged by harvester with Tennessee U.S. CITES tags. Contact your TWRA regional office for instructions.

Legal Traps & Specific Regulations

Leg-Hold Traps
Leg-hold traps with an outside measure of jaw spread that is 9 inches or less, as measured at the widest point, are legal for all furbearer species during the legal trapping season. (TS-85 is not legal for beaver trapping)

Instant-Kill Traps
Square instant-kill traps that have an exterior jaw measurement 16 inches or less, as measured at the widest point, and circular instant kill traps that have an exterior measurement 12 inches or less, as measured at the widest point, are legal for all furbearer species during the legal trapping season. Instant kill traps are considered steel jawed traps and their use is restricted to that allowed for steel jawed traps.

Live traps
Those traps that act as a cage after capture.

Steel Cable Snares
These have a minimum cable diameter of 5/64 inch and maximum cable diameter of 3/32 inch. Spring activated snares, except Collarum snares, are prohibited.

Cushion-Hold Traps
Woodstream Soft-Catch, Butera Cushion Catch traps, Cushion Catch #33, J. C. Conner Coyote "Jake" Trap, Duke Rubber Jaw trap and any legal sized offset jawed traps equipped with "Humane Hold" universal pads by K. G. Enterprises, or Sudden Valley Supply meet the definition of a cushion-hold trap. These traps are the only steel traps legal for trapping in the open and on top of the ground, provided that the trapper has specific written permission from the landowner to use the trap.

Species Specific Traps
Egg traps, Coon Cuffs, Lil' Grizz Getrz, Duke DP, Pos-z-loc, Cooncatcher, and Duffer's Raccoon traps are legal for furbearers during the legal trapping season.




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